The Workshop


The Workshop is a physical space we have allocated at GSU for innovative team projects.  It is the latest actualization of our innovation policy, which is designed to encourage and empower GSU staff to be creative and innovative in order to grow our various companies and maintain GSU as an efficient, productive and  interesting place to work.

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Innovation @ work

At GSU, we recognize the importance of innovation as a vital part of the health and prosperity of our workplace, our community, our world.  The Workshop will foster an environment for innovative ideas to develop and grow, and will help us incorporate community partners in our projects.

Workshop those ideas

The Workshop will function through an ideation process where GSU employees will submit ideas for review.  Teams will “workshop” the ideas into viable business plans for presentation to the Innovation Office and GSU Executive Team.  

Good ideas made real

The best, most relevant business plans will be selected, prioritized and awarded as projects.  As projects, they will move one-step closer to becoming real.  Ideas may also be discarded, or deferred and added to the Project Register for later consideration.


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