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Business Scam Back in Sudbury

(Sudbury,ON) – Greater Sudbury Utilities and Greater Sudbury Hydro are warning businesses to be on high alert for a phone scam that has been making its way around the province…again.

The scam was reported to GSU late Tuesday afternoon. Here’s how the ruse works: Someone claiming to represent the local utility phones a business and threatens disconnection if payment on account is not received within a short time frame, usually under an hour. The caller directs the business to obtain prepaid credit cards or gift cards, and to phone a toll free number to make the payment.

In the latest instance, the business received a call again a few days later demanding another payment, which made the business owners suspicious. They contacted the utility directly, were told their account had no activity and that they had been defrauded and were advised to report the incident to Greater Sudbury Police Services.

“In the case of an overdue account, Greater Sudbury Hydro and GSU do NOT phone customers; instead a written reminder is sent out, followed by a written disconnect notice and finally, a physical Collection Call explaining disconnection may occur within 48 hours and outlining payment option details,” said Wendy Watson, Communications Officer for the utility. “We urge all customers to be alert for other fraudulent phone calls.”

If you have questions about your account, call Greater Sudbury Hydro/GSU directly at 705-675-7536 or in West Nipissing, 705-753-2341. If you think you are the victim of an attempted fraud, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501. If you are the victim of a fraud, call your local police.


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