Customer Choice: TOU vs Tiered

Power is Personal

For residential and small business customers that buy electricity from their utility, there are two different types of rates (also called prices).
The Ontario Energy Board sets both TOU and Tiered Rates.

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About Tiered Rates *NEW*

With Tiered prices, customers can use a certain amount of electricity each month at a lower price. Once that limit (called a threshold) is exceeded, a higher price applies to the incremental consumption above the threshold. Although May to October 2020 has again been an exception due to COVID-19, for residential customers, the threshold normally changes with the season to reflect changing usage patterns – for example, there are fewer hours of daylight in the winter and some customers use electric heating. In the winter period (November 1 – April 30), the Tier threshold for residential customers is 1,000 kWh, so that households can use more power at the lower price. In the summer period (May 1 – October 31), the Tier threshold for residential customers is 600 kWh. The Tier threshold for small business customers is 750 kWh all year round.

Switching to Tiered Pricing View Tiered Prices & Management Options

About Time-of-Use Rates (TOU) 

On November 1, 2020, new Time-of-Use (TOU) and Tiered prices came into effect under the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) Regulated Price Plan (RPP). Although May to October 2020 was an exception due to COVID-19, TOU price periods are normally different in the winter (November 1 to April 30) than they are in the summer (May 1 to October 31) as people use electricity differently depending on the season.

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Choosing an Electricity Plan that’s Right for You

You can now choose to between the pricing plans.

Help Choosing Electricity Price Plans

For customers that have signed up for a contract with an energy retailer, the price is set out in the contract. The Ontario Energy Board does not regulate this. Read more about contracts.

Where a Dollar Went in 2019

This illustration shows how each dollar paid on a Greater Sudbury Hydro bill in 2019 was distributed. Note that only 16.6 cents of each dollar stayed in Sudbury. The rest was passed through to other agencies.


PAID TO IESO, Hydro One & Electricity Generators


GSH retains only 16.5%. Other agencies absorb the remaining 83.5%.


Paid to Provincial and Federal governments.


Paid to Hydro One


Paid to IESO and Ontario Electricity Finance Corporation.

Greater Sudbury Hydro controls only the “distribution rate”, which is part of the “delivery charge” line of your bill. The rest of the charges are collected by GSH on behalf of other agencies, but they flow through and do not remain with Greater Sudbury Hydro.

Our goal is to provide the service levels expected by our customers at the lowest possible cost. We work hard to reach this goal. Although the industry has become increasingly more complex, our employees continue their efforts and dedicate themselves to the challenge of adapting to customer needs. As we take on new challenges, we are committed to meeting those challenges with a well-trained and motivated staff that hold our customers as the focal point of all of their efforts.